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Bolko may refer to:

  • Bolko I of Opole (1258–1313), Duke of Opole from 1282, Niemodlin and Strzelce Opolskie until his death
  • Bolko I the Strict (1252–1301), Duke of Lwówek, Jawor and of Świdnica-Ziębice
  • Bolko II of Opole (1300–1356), Duke of Opole from 1313
  • Bolko II of Ziębice (1300–1341), Duke of Jawor-Lwówek-Świdnica-Ziębice, of Świdnica-Ziębice, then of Ziębice
  • Bolko II the Small (c. 1312–1368), the last independent Duke of the Piast dynasty in Silesia
  • Bolko III of Münsterberg (1348–1410), Duke of Münsterberg and ruler over Gleiwitz
  • Bolko III of Strzelce (1337–1382), Duke of Opole and Duke of Strzelce
  • Bolko IV of Opole (1363–1437), Duke of Strzelce and Niemodlin, then Duke of Opole
  • Bolko V the Hussite (1400–1460), Duke of Opole, then ruler over Głogówek and Prudnik, Duke of Strzelce and Niemodlin, ruler over Olesno
  • Bolko von Richthofen (1899–1983), German archaeologist and a distant relative of the family of Manfred von Richthofen, the "Red Baron"
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