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Anton Kannemeyer

Name  Anton Kannemeyer
Education  Stellenbosch University
Anton Kannemeyer Anton Kannemeyer
Parents  John Christoffel Kannemeyer
Books  The Big Bad Bitterkomix Handbook, Bitterkomix: Twenty-one Years, 1992-2013

The tragicomedic alphabet of afrikaan artist anton kannemeyer

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Anton Kannemeyer (born 30 October 1967 in Cape Town) is a South African comics artist, who sometimes goes by the pseudonym Joe Dog. Kannemeyer was also a senior lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch.

Anton Kannemeyer STEVENSON Anton Kannemeyer

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Anton Kannemeyer Anton Kannemeyer Congo Parody Dinca

He studied graphic design and illustration at the University of Stellenbosch, and did a Master of Arts degree in illustration after graduating. Together with Conrad Botes, he co-founded the magazine Bitterkomix in 1992 and has become revered for its subversive stance and dark humour. He has been criticised for making use of "offensive, racist imagery". Kannemeyer himself said that he gets "lots of hate mail from white Afrikaners".

Anton Kannemeyer Anton Kannemeyer

His works challenge the rigid image of Afrikaners promoted under Apartheid, and depict Afrikaners having nasty sex and mangling their Afrikaans. “X is for Xenophobia”, part of his "Alphabet of Democracy", depicts Ernesto Nhamwavane, a Mozambican immigrant who was burnt alive in Ramaphosa in 2008. Some of Kannemeyer’s works deal with the issues of race relations and colonialism, by appropriating the style of Herge’s comics, namely from Tintin in the Congo. In "Pappa in Afrika", Tintin becomes a white African, depicted either as a white liberal or as a racist white imperialist in Africa. In this stereotyped satire, the whites are superior, literate and civilised, and the blacks are savage and dumb. In "Peekaboo", a large acrylic work, the white African is jumping up in alarm as a black man figure pokes his head out of the jungle shouting an innocuous 'peekaboo!' A cartoon called "The Liberals" has been interpreted as an attack on white fear, bigotry and political correctness: a group of anonymous black people (who look like golliwogs) are about to rape a white lady, who calls her attackers “historically disadvantaged men”.

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Anton Kannemeyer Artworks of Anton Kannemeyer South African 1967


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