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1999 in Israel

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1999 in Israel
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Events in the year 1999 in Israel.



  • Prime Minister of Israel – Benjamin Netanyahu (Likud) until 6 July, Ehud Barak (Israeli Labor Party)
  • President of Israel – Ezer Weizman
  • Chief of General Staff - Shaul Mofaz
  • Government of Israel - 27th Government of Israel until 6 July, 28th Government of Israel
  • Events

  • 9 March – Rana Raslan becomes the first Israeli Arab to win the Miss Israel pageant.
  • 17 March – Aryeh Deri is convicted of taking bribes while serving as Interior Minister of Israel and is sentenced to four years in prison and receives a fine of 250,000 NIS.
  • 17 May – Ehud Barak is elected prime minister of Israel.
  • 28 May – A joint U.S.–Israeli search team finds the wreck of the long-lost Israeli submarine INS Dakar in the Mediterranean sea.
  • 29 May – The Eurovision Song Contest is held in Jerusalem.
  • 6 July – Prime Minister Ehud Barak presents his cabinet for a Knesset "Vote of Confidence". The 28th Government is approved that day and the members were sworn in.
  • 22 August – Tal committee: The prime minister and defense minister Ehud Barak appoint an Israeli public committee, headed by the retired judge Tzvi Tal, to deal with the special exemption from mandatory military service in the Israel Defense Forces given to Israeli Ultra Orthodox Jews.
  • Israeli–Palestinian conflict

    The most prominent events related to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict which occurred during 1999 include:

    Notable Palestinian militant operations against Israeli targets

    The most prominent Palestinian militant acts and operations committed against Israeli targets during 1999 include:

  • 9 September – Egged Bus 960 bombing and Haifa Central Bus Station bombing
  • Notable Israeli military operations against Palestinian militancy targets

    The most prominent Israeli military counter-terrorism operations (military campaigns and military operations) carried out against Palestinian militants during 1999 include:

    Notable deaths

  • 28 February – Erez Gerstein (b. 1960), commander of the Golani Brigade and Lebanon Liaison Unit, killed from a roadside bomb in Lebanon.
  • 27 March – Nahum Stelmach (b. 1936), Israeli footballer and manager.
  • 20 April – Bethsabée de Rothschild (b. 1914), British-born Israeli-French philanthropist.
  • 18 July – Meir Ariel (b. 1942), Israeli singer.
  • 18 August – Hanoch Levin (b. 1943), Israeli playwright, theater director, poet and writer.
  • 1 October – Ted Arison (b. 1924), Israeli-American businessman.
  • 15 October – Yosef Burg (b. 1909), German-born Israeli politician and Rabbi.
  • Full date unknown
  • Shmuel Horowitz (b. 1901), Russian (Belarus)-born Israeli agronomist.
  • Shlomo Morag, (b. 1926), Israeli professor of the Hebrew Language at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Zahara Schatz (b. 1916), Israeli painter and sculpturer.
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