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1970 in China

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1970 in China
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Events in the year 1970 in the People's Republic of China.



  • Chairman of the Communist Party of China – Mao Zedong
  • President of the People's Republic of China – vacant
  • Premier of the People's Republic of China – Zhou Enlai
  • Chairman of the National People's Congress: Zhu De
  • Vice President of the People's Republic of China – Soong Ching-ling and Dong Biwu
  • April

  • April 24 - China launched its first space satellite Dong Fang Hong I as part of the PRC's Dong Fang Hong space satellite program.
  • October

  • October 13 – The People's Republic of China and the Canada signed established diplomatic relations.
  • October 14 – A Chinese nuclear test is conducted in Lop Nor.
  • December

  • December 30 – Construction of the Gezhouba Dam started.
  • Births

  • September 7 – Gao Min, Chinese diver
  • October 10 – Bai Ling, Chinese actress
  • October 30 – Xie Jun, Chinese chess grandmaster
  • Deaths

  • September 23 – Zhao Shuli, Chinese novelist and a leading figure of modern Chinese literature
  • Li Tianyou
  • Huang Qixiang
  • References

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