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1945 in Brazil

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1945 in Brazil
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Events in the year 1945 in Brazil.



  • President: Getúlio Vargas (until 29 October); José Linhares (from 29 October)
  • Events

  • February - A fourth transport of troops of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force reaches Italy, in preparation for the Spring 1945 offensive.
  • 2 May - Brazilian troops arrive in Turin on the same day that the cessation of hostilities is announced.
  • May - Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa, an outspoken critic of the regime of President Getúlio Vargas and of the Vatican's alleged relationship with fascist regimes, gives newspaper interviews accusing Brazil's Papal nuncio of Nazi-Fascist spying, and accusing Rome of having aided and abetted Hitler. Shortly afterwards he establishes the Brazilian Catholic Apostolic Church.
  • 29 October - President Vargas resigns, beginning the period known as the Second Brazilian Republic. José Linhares becomes acting president.
  • 2 December - A general election is held, the first since the establishment of Getúlio Vargas' Estado Novo. The presidential election is won by Eurico Gaspar Dutra of the Social Democratic Party (PSD), which also wins a majority of seats in both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.
  • Books

  • Oswald de Andrade - A Arcádia e a Inconfidência
  • Films

  • O Cortiço
  • O Gol da Vitória
  • Não Adianta Chorar
  • Births

  • 11 January - Geraldo Azevedo, singer and guitarist
  • 13 August - Vânia Dantas Leite, pianist, conductor, music educator and composer
  • 26 September - Gal Costa, singer
  • 8 October - Paulo Thiago, film director and screenwriter
  • 27 October - Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, 35th President of Brazil
  • Unknown date - Eduardo Escorel, film editor and director
  • Deaths

  • 25 February - Mário de Andrade, poet, novelist, musicologist, art historian and critic, and photographer (born 1893; heart attack)
  • 12 April - Max Wolff Filho, war hero (born 1912; killed in action)
  • References

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