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1937 in Germany

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1937 in Germany
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Events in the year 1937 in Germany.


National level

Head of State

  • Adolf Hitler (the Führer) (Nazi Party)
  • Chancellor

  • Adolf Hitler (Nazi Party)
  • Events

  • 10 March — The Encyclical Mit brennender Sorge of Pope Pius XI is published in Nazi Germany.
  • 6 May — Hindenburg disaster: In the United States, the German airship Hindenburg bursts into flame when mooring to a mast in Lakehurst, New Jersey. Thirteen passengers, 22 crew and one member of the ground crew were killed.
  • 7 May — Spanish Civil War: The German Condor Legion Fighter Group, equipped with Heinkel He 51 biplanes, arrives in Spain to assist Francisco Franco's forces.
  • 28 May - Volkswagen, state-owned carmaker, is formed to produce the new people's car.
  • 8 June — Carl Orff's Carmina Burana premieres in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • 20 July — The Geibeltbad Pirna is opened in Dresden, Germany.
  • 13 October — Germany, in a note to Brussels, guarantees the inviolability and integrity of Belgium so long as the latter abstains from military action against Germany.
  • 5 November — In the Reich Chancellery, Adolf Hitler holds a secret meeting and states his plans for acquiring "living space" for the German people (recorded in the Hossbach Memorandum).
  • Births

  • 20 February: Robert Huber, German biochemist and Nobel laureate
  • 29 December: Dieter Thomas Heck, German actor
  • Deaths

  • November 27 - Wilhelm Weinberg, German physician and geneticist (born 1862)
  • References

    1937 in Germany Wikipedia

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