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1926 in Mandatory Palestine

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1926 in Mandatory Palestine

Events in the year 1926 in the British Mandate of Palestine.



  • High Commissioner - Herbert Onslow Plumer
  • Emir of Transjordan - Abdullah I bin al-Hussein
  • Prime Minister of Transjordan - 'Ali Rida Basha al-Rikabi until 26 June; Hasan Khalid Abu al-Huda
  • Events

  • 5 March - The British High Commissioner grants an exclusive 70-year concession to Pinhas Rutenberg of the "Palestine Electricity Corporation" for production and distribution of electric power utilize the water of the Jordan River and the Yarmouk River.
  • 1 April - The Transjordan Frontier Force is formed as a para-military border guard to defend the northern and southern borders of the Transjordan region.
  • Unknown dates

  • The founding of the kibbutz Ramat David.
  • The founding of the moshav Beit She'arim by a group of Jewish immigrants from Yugoslavia.
  • The founding of the agricultural settlement Bayit VaGan, which was originally geared towards Orthodox Jews.
  • The founding of the moshav Karkur, one of the two original communities of Jewish agriculturalists that combined in 1969 to form Pardes Hanna-Karkur.
  • Notable births

  • 10 January - Musallam Bseiso, Palestinian Arab thinker, intellectual, journalist, and politician.
  • 17 January - Yitzhak Moda'i, Israeli politician (died 1998).
  • 5 February - Avner Shaki, Israeli politician (died 2005).
  • 5 March - Shimon Tzabar, Israeli artist, author, poet and Haaretz columnist (died 2007).
  • 20 June - Rehavam Ze'evi, Israeli general, politician and historian (assassinated in 2001).
  • 30 June - Uriel Ofek, Israeli children's writer (died 1987).
  • 17 July - Shlomo Morag, Israeli professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (died 1999).
  • 2 August - George Habash, Christian Palestinian Arab nationalist, founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (died 2008).
  • 18 June - Avshalom Haviv, Irgun fighter and one of the Olei Hagardom (died 1947)
  • 19 June - Meir Pa'il, Palmach officer and Israeli politician (died 2015).
  • 26 July - Meir Nakar, Irgun fighter and one of the Olei Hagardom (died 1947).
  • 4 August - Hillel Omer, Israeli poet and writer (died 1990).
  • 24 August – Nissim Aloni, Israeli playwright (died 1998).
  • 29 September – Amos de-Shalit, Israeli nuclear physicist (died 1969).
  • 23 November - Rafi Eitan, Israeli politician and former intelligence officer.
  • References

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