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1917 in Scotland

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1917 in Scotland
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Events from the year 1917 in Scotland.



  • Monarch — George V
  • Secretary for Scotland and Keeper of the Great Seal — Robert Munro
  • Law officers

  • Lord Advocate — James Avon Clyde
  • Solicitor General for Scotland — Thomas Brash Morison
  • Judiciary

  • Lord President of the Court of Session and Lord Justice General — Lord Strathclyde
  • Lord Justice Clerk — Lord Dickson
  • Chairman of the Scottish Land Court — Lord Kennedy
  • Events

  • 5 January — Stornoway Gazette first published.
  • 29 January — Royal Navy steam-powered submarine HMS K13 sinks on trial in the Gare Loch with the loss of 32 men; 48 are rescued.
  • 7 February — The Clyde-built Atlantic liner SS California (1907), homeward bound for Glasgow from New York, is torpedoed and sunk by SM U-85 approaching Ireland. 41 are killed but around 162 survivors return to Glasgow.
  • 1 May — Imperial German Navy Zeppelins L 43 and L 45 conduct reconnaissance patrols over the North Sea off the coast of Scotland, patrolling off the Firth of Forth and Aberdeen, respectively.
  • 9 July — HMS Vanguard is blown apart by an internal explosion at her moorings in Scapa Flow, Orkney, killing an estimated 843 crew with no survivors.
  • 2 August — Squadron Commander E.H. Dunning becomes the first pilot to land his aircraft on a ship when he lands his Sopwith Pup on HMS Furious in Scapa Flow but is killed five days later during another landing on the ship.
  • 23 August — Start of lockout at Pullars dyeing works in Perth.
  • October — First North British Railway C Class steam locomotives are allocated for loan to the Royal Engineers' Railway Operating Division on the Western Front.
  • 3 December — Strathmore meteorite falls in Perthshire.
  • Births

  • 27 February - George Mitchell, musician, best known for having devised the The Black and White Minstrel Show (died in Shropshire 2002)
  • 15 May - Anna Macleod, biochemist, first female Professor of Brewing and Biochemistry in the world (died 2004)
  • 18 May - James Donald, actor (died in West Tytherley, Hampshire 1993)
  • 10 June - Ruari McLean, typographic designer (died 2006)
  • 26 September - Phillip Clancey, leading authority on the ornithology of South Africa (died 2001 in South Africa)
  • 16 October - Murray MacLehose, Governor of Hong Kong (died 2000)
  • 14 December - Alberto Morrocco, artist and teacher (died 1998)
  • Pipe Major Donald MacLeod, piper, British Army pipe major, composer and bagpipe instructor (died 1982)
  • Deaths

  • 17 March — Hippolyte Blanc, architect, best known for his church buildings in the Gothic revival style (born 1844)
  • 22 October - William Hole, English artist, illustrator, etcher and engraver, known for his industrial, historical and biblical scenes (born in Salisbury in 1846)
  • 1 December — George Henry Tatham Paton, army captain, posthumous recipient of the Victoria Cross, mortally wounded in action in France (born 1895)
  • 27 December — George Diamandy, Romanian revolutionary socialist politician, social scientist, dramatist, journalist, diplomat, archaeologist and landowner, died and buried at sea off Shetland (born 1867 in Romania)
  • The Arts

  • 17 August — One of English literature's most important and famous meetings takes place when Wilfred Owen introduces himself to fellow poet Siegfried Sassoon at Craiglockhart War Hospital in Edinburgh.
  • Joseph Lee (who is made a prisoner of war later this year) publishes the poetry collection Work-a-Day Warriors.
  • Ewart Alan Mackintosh (who is killed on 23 November in the Battle of Cambrai) publishes A Highland Regiment and Other Poems.
  • Doric dialect poet and soldier Charles Murray publishes The Sough o' War.
  • References

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