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1884 in architecture

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1884 in architecture

The year 1884 in architecture involved some significant architectural events and new buildings.



  • Antoni Gaudí begins work on the Sagrada Família church in Barcelona.
  • Washington Monument in Washington, D.C., designed by Robert Mills, is completed.
  • Hungarian Royal Opera House in Budapest, designed by Miklós Ybl, is opened.
  • Garabit viaduct in France, engineered by Gustave Eiffel and Maurice Koechlin, is completed.
  • The Dakota apartment building on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City, designed by Henry Janeway Hardenbergh, is completed.
  • Cornerstone of Statue of Liberty laid in New York Harbor.
  • Awards

  • Royal Gold Medal - William Butterfield.
  • Grand Prix de Rome, architecture: Hector d'Espouy.
  • Births

  • February 6 - Vlastislav Hofman, Czech artist and Cubist-influenced architect (died 1964)
  • July 6 - Willem Marinus Dudok, Dutch Modernist architect (died 1974)
  • August 27 - Alfredo Baldomir, Uruguayan soldier, architect and politician (died 1948)
  • September 26 - Antonio Barluzzi, Italian Franciscan monk and architect, known as the "Architect of the Holy Land" (died 1960)
  • November 24 - Michel de Klerk, Dutch Amsterdam School architect (died 1923)
  • Deaths

  • February 10 - Richard Shackleton Pope, English architect working in Bristol (born 1793)
  • March 26 - Edward Milner, English landscape architect (born 1819)
  • July 27 - Frigyes Feszl, Hungarian architect, a significant figure in the romantic movement (born 1821)
  • August 3 - Paul Abadie, French architect and building restorer (born 1812)
  • date unknown - Eugenius Birch, English naval architect, engineer and noted pier builder (born 1818)
  • References

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