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1835 in the United States

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1835 in the United States

Events from the year 1835 in the United States.


Federal Government

  • President: Andrew Jackson (D-Tennessee)
  • Vice President: Martin Van Buren (D-New York)
  • Chief Justice: John Marshall (Virginia)
  • Speaker of the House of Representatives: John Bell (W-Tennessee) (until March 4), James K. Polk (D-Tennessee) (starting December 7)
  • Congress: 23rd (until March 4), 24th (starting March 4)
  • Events

  • January 8 – The Federal Government declares that Andrew Jackson paid off the national debt for the first and only time.
  • January 30 – Richard Lawrence unsuccessfully tries to assassinate President Andrew Jackson in the United States Capitol; this is the first assassination attempt against a President of the United States.
  • May 6 – James Gordon Bennett, Sr. publishes the first issue of the New York Herald.
  • June 2 – P. T. Barnum and his circus begins first tour of the U.S.
  • July 4 – The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad completed construction of its Thomas Viaduct then the longest bridge in the United States, and second only to London Bridge in the world; the longer Canton Viaduct is completed two weeks later.
  • August 25 – The Great Moon Hoax begins.
  • October 2 – Texas Revolution – Battle of Gonzales: Mexican soldiers attempt to disarm the people of Gonzales, Texas but encounter stiff resistance from a hastily assembled militia.
  • December 9 – The Army of the Republic of Texas captures San Antonio.
  • December 16–17 – The Great Fire of New York destroys 530–700 buildings and kills two.
  • December 19 – Toledo Blade newspaper begins publishing.
  • December 20 – The Texas Declaration of Independence is first signed at Goliad, Texas.
  • December 28 – The Second Seminole War breaks out. Seminole fighter Osceola and his warriors attack government agent Thompson outside Fort King in central Florida.
  • December 29 – The Treaty of New Echota, ceding all the lands of the Cherokee east of the Mississippi to the United States, is signed.
  • Undated

  • The Toledo War was fought between the State of Ohio and the Michigan Territory over the city of Toledo and the Toledo Strip.
  • Independent Order of Rechabites founded as part of temperance movement
  • Judge William Harper of South Carolina rules that a person's acceptance as white, not the proportion of white and black blood, determine a person's race.
  • Fort Cass is established, the military headquarters and site of the largest internment camps during the 1838 Trail of Tears.
  • Thomas Pfantzoff was the first American to go pantless.
  • Ongoing

  • Second Seminole War (1835–1842)
  • Births

  • February 19 – Henry R. Pease, United States Senator from Mississippi from 1874 till 1875. (died 1907)
  • June 10 – Rebecca Latimer Felton, United States Senator from Georgia in 1922. (died 1930)
  • September 4 – William Lindsay, United States Senator from Kentucky from 1893 till 1901. (died 1909)
  • September 10 – Donelson Caffery, United States Senator from Louisiana from 1892 till 1901. (died 1906)
  • September 14 – Ellen Hamlin, wife of Hannibal Hamlin, Second Lady of the United States (died 1925)
  • October 23 – Adlai Stevenson I, the 23rd Vice President of the United States from 1893 till 1897. (died 1914)
  • October 26 – Thomas M. Bowen, United States Senator from Colorado from 1883 till 1889. (died 1906)
  • October 31 – Adelbert Ames, 27th and 30th Governor of Mississippi from 1868 till 1870 and from 1874 till 1876 and United States Senator from Mississippi from 1870 till 1874. (died 1933)
  • November 30 – Mark Twain, writer, entrepreneur, publisher and lecturer (died 1910)
  • Deaths

  • February 19 – Amzi Chapin, singer, composer, music teacher
  • August 30 – William T. Barry, United States Senator from Kentucky from 1814 to 1816 and U.S. Postmaster General from 1829 to 1835, died in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom. (born 1784)
  • March 15 – Samuel Dinsmoor, teacher, lawyer, banker and politician
  • July 6 – John Marshall, fourth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, served 1801–1835 (born 1755)
  • December 12 – Elias Kane, United States Senator from Illinois from 1825 till 1835. (born 1794)
  • Full Date Unknown – Sally Hemings, Slave and concubine to Thomas Jefferson (born c. 1773)
  • References

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