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1807 in Denmark

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1807 in Denmark
Decades:  1780s 1790s 1800s 1810s 1820s

Events from the year 1807 in Denmark.



  • Monarch – Christian VII
  • Prime minister – Christian Günther von Bernstorff
  • Events

  • 7 January – England declares an embargo against France and its allies, including Denmark.
  • 29 January – The Danish fortress Frederiksnagore surrenders to the British forces and will remain occupied until 1815. Trankebar and the Danish West Indies are also occupied by the British during the conflict.
  • 17 April – The Royal Institute for the Deaf is founded in Copenhagen.
  • 6 May – Mozart's Don Juan is performed in Copenhagen for the first time, with Édouard Du Puy in the title role.
  • 29 August – The Battle of Køge, also known as the 'Clogs Battle', between British troops besieging Copenhagen and Danish militia raised on Zealand ends in British victory.
  • 16 August – British troops land at Vedbæk.
  • 29–31 August – Battle at Classens Have which is destroyed.
  • 2 September – Bombardment of Copenhagen starts: 290 properties burn and another 1,500 to 1,600 are damaged; 2,000 people are killed or wounded; and the Church of Our Lady and the University are among the buildings which burn.
  • 7 September – Peymann, the commander of Copenhagen, surrenders to the British after four days of bombardment of the city.
  • 21 October – The British sail away with the Danish naval fleet (17 ships of the line, 12 frigates, 8 brigs, 35 smaller vessels and 81 transport ships) after destroying the ships under construction at the Holmen naval base.
  • 31 October – Denmark is forced into an alliance with Napoleon.
  • 4 November – England declares war on Denmark.
  • Undated

  • From this year annual art exhibitions are held at Charlottenborg.
  • The first step towards the establishment of the museum for Nordic antiquities are made when a small collection is exhibited in the loft above Trinitatis Church in Copenhagen.
  • Births

  • 30 March – Henrik Rung, composer, conductor and vocal pedagogue (died 1871)
  • 5 June – Georg Hilker, decorative painter during the Danish Golden Age (died 1875)
  • 22 August – Emma Hartmann, composer (died 1851)
  • 18 September – Mads Johansen Lange, trader, "King of Bali" (died 1856)
  • 23 November – Carl Joachim Hambro, bankier, founder of Hambros Bank (died 1877)
  • References

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