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1798 in architecture

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1798 in architecture

The year 1798 in architecture involved some significant events.



  • September 2 - Opening of the Teatro Comunale (Ferrara) in Italy to the design of Cosimo Morelli and Antonio Foschini.
  • Building of the first major example of Egyptian Revival architecture, Karlsruhe Synagogue in Baden to the design of Friedrich Weinbrenner.
  • Completion of the neoclassical summer retreat at Castle Coole in Northern Ireland to the design of James Wyatt.
  • Completion of the theatre and summer retreat at Ostankino Palace near Moscow.
  • Completion of the Massachusetts State House in Boston to the design of Charles Bulfinch.
  • Completion of the Royal Chapel of St. Anthony of La Florida in Madrid to the design of Felipe Fontana.
  • Completion of the İzzet Mehmet Pasha Mosque in Safranbolu, Turkey.
  • Completion of first São João National Theatre in Porto, Portugal as an opera house to the design of Vicente Mazzoneschi.
  • Opening of the Teatro della Concordia in Iesi, Ancona.
  • Building of Bewdley Bridge over the River Severn in England to the design of Thomas Telford.
  • Opening of the skew Store Street Aqueduct on the Ashton Canal in Manchester to the design of Benjamin Outram.
  • Births

  • May 6 - Joseph Welland, Irish architect (died 1860)
  • June 27 - Joseph John Scoles, English Catholic architect (died 1863)
  • October 14 - Félix Duban, French architect (died 1870)
  • Deaths

  • June 25 - Thomas Sandby, English watercolour artist and architect (born 1721)
  • November 2 - Charles de Wailly, French architect (born 1730)
  • December 10 - Laurynas Gucevičius, Lithuanian architect (born 1753)
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