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1785 in the United States

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1785 in the United States

Events from the year 1785 in the United States.



  • Sixth Confederation Congress (January 11, 1785 – November 4, 1785, New York, New York), Seventh Confederation Congress (November 7, 1785 – November 3, 1786, New York)
  • President of the Confederation Congress: Richard Henry Lee (until November 4, 1785), John Hancock (starting November 23, 1785)
  • Events

  • January 7 – Frenchman Jean-Pierre Blanchard and American John Jeffries travel from Dover, England to Calais, France in a hydrogen gas balloon, becoming the first to cross the English Channel by air.
  • January 11 – The Confederation Congress reconvenes in New York City having previously convened in Trenton, New Jersey.
  • January 21 – The Treaty of Fort McIntosh is signed between the United States government and representatives of the Wyandotte, Delaware, Chippewa and Ottawa nations of Native Americans.
  • January 27 – The University of Georgia is founded by Abraham Baldwin in Athens, Georgia.
  • March 28 – Delegates from Virginia and Maryland meet at the Mount Vernon Conference to deal with issues regarding use of the Pocomoke and Potomac Rivers and the Chesapeake Bay. A suggestion to expand the interstate negotiations eventually leads to the Annapolis Convention (1786).
  • May 20 – The Land Ordinance of 1785 is adopted by the United States Congress to raise money by selling land acquired from the Treaty of Paris.
  • June 1 – John Adams, the first American ambassador to Great Britain, has his first meeting with King George III at the Court of St. James's.
  • July 6 – The dollar is unanimously chosen as the money unit for the United States (the first time a nation has adopted a decimal coinage system).
  • September 10 – The Treaty of Amity and Commerce (Prussia-USA) between the Kingdom of Prussia and the United States of America is signed, promoting free trade and demanding the unconditionally humane custody for war prisoner, a novelty at the time.
  • November 28 – The Treaty of Hopewell is signed between the United States of America and the Cherokee Nation.
  • Undated

  • The North Carolina General Assembly incorporates Lincolnton, North Carolina (named for American General Benjamin Lincoln) as the new county seat for Lincoln County.
  • Ongoing

  • Articles of Confederation in effect (1781–1788)
  • Northwest Indian War (1785–1795)
  • Births

  • June 24 – Alexander Porter, United States Senator from Louisiana from 1833 till 1837, born in County Donegal, Ireland. (died 1844)
  • September 1 – Philip Allen, United States Senator from Rhode Island from 1853 till 1859. (died 1865)
  • September 11 – Presley Spruance, United States Senator from Delaware from 1847 till 1853. (died 1863)
  • December 23 – Alfred Cuthbert, United States Senator from Georgia from 1835 till 1843. (died 1856)
  • Date Unknown – Gabriel Moore, United States Senator from Alabama from 1831 till 1837. (died 1845)
  • Deaths

  • August 17 – Jonathan Trumbull, Governor of the Colony and the state of Connecticut (b. 1710)
  • November 28 – William Whipple, signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence, representative of New Hampshire (b. 1730)
  • References

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