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1697 in art

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1697 in art

Events from the year 1697 in art.



  • December 13 – Tsar Peter the Great of Russia visits Dutch Republic official Jacob de Wilde in Amsterdam to view his art collection, "the beginning of the West European classical tradition in Russia"; a view of the meeting is engraved by Jacob's daughter Maria de Wilde.
  • Paintings

  • Giovan Battista Caniana – The Crucifixion (Church of Santa Maria and San Giacomo, Romano di Lombardia)
  • Adriaen Coorte – Still Life with Shells
  • Carlo Maratta – The Baptism of Jesus
  • Hyacinthe Rigaud – Portrait of Cardinal Louis Antoine de Noailles
  • Hyacinthe Rigaud and Joseph Parrocel – Portrait of Louis, Grand Dauphin
  • Painting of Christian V presiding over the Supreme Court of Denmark
  • Births

  • March 30 – Jan Baptist Xavery, Flemish sculptor active in the Netherlands (died 1742)
  • April 12 – Anton Pichler, Tyrolean goldsmith and artist of engraved gems (died 1779)
  • June 22 – Pierre-Imbert Drevet, French portrait engraver (died 1739)
  • June 25 – Peter van Bleeck, portrait painter and engraver (died 1764)
  • October 28
  • Giovanni Antonio Canal, better known as Canaletto, Venetian artist famous for his landscapes, or vedute, of Venice (died 1768)
  • Johann Gottfried Auerbach, Austrian painter (died 1753)
  • November 10 – William Hogarth, English engraver and painter credited with pioneering western sequential art (died 1764)
  • date unknown
  • Bernard Accama or Bernardus, Dutch historical and portrait painter, born in Friesland (died 1756)
  • Francesco Andreini, Italian painter (died 1751)
  • Helena Arnell, one of the first Finnish painters and few female artists (died 1751)
  • Claude François Devosge, French sculptor and architect (died 1777)
  • Johann Christian Fiedler, German portrait painter (died 1765)
  • Antonio Gionima, Italian painter (died 1732)
  • Michele Pagano, Italian painter of landscapes or vedutista (died 1732)
  • Giovanni Battista Tagliasacchi, Italian painter of historical scenes and portraits (died 1737)
  • Cornelis Troost – Dutch painter from Amsterdam (died 1750)
  • Deaths

  • April 4
  • Jan de Bray, Dutch painter (born 1627)
  • Andrea Carlone, Italian painter (born 1626)
  • June 11 – Abraham Begeyn, Dutch painter of landscapes and cattle (born 1637)
  • December 31 – Lucas Faydherbe, Dutch sculptor and architect (born 1617)
  • date unknown
  • Ludovico Gimignani, Italian painter, active mainly in Rome (born 1643)
  • Muin Musavvir, Persian miniaturist during the Safavid period (born 1638)
  • Mei Qing, Chinese landscape painter, calligrapher, and poet during the Qing Dynasty (born 1623)
  • Claudine Bouzonnet-Stella, French engraver (born 1636)
  • Giulio Cesare Venenti, Italian painter of landscapes and engraver (born 1609)
  • References

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