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Faroe Islands


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Faroe Islands Premier League

1. deild is the second tier league of football in the Faroe Islands. It was founded in 1976. The league is organised by the Faroe Islands Football Association. It was originally the top level of Faroe Islands football but was replaced by the Faroe Islands Premier League in 2005.


It currently has 10 participating clubs. At the end of each season, two teams are relegated and two promoted from what is now the 2. deild, pending the fact that the winning team in any given division does not already have a senior team in the division it is being promoted to. In such cases the team that finished second will be promoted instead. If a team is relegated to a division where one of its teams are already playing, the second best team will move one division down, thereby saving another team from relegation.


In 1976 the Faroe Islands football league system was reorganized. This resulted in the founding of 1. deild. It replaced the Meistaradeildin as the top level league. Also from that season onwards, the top clubs in 2. deild were promoted to 1. deild. The first club to be promoted was Fram Tórshavn after they won the division for the first time in their history, though they finished bottom of 1. deild the following season and were relegated back into 2. deild.

Clubs for the 2014 season

  • 07 Vestur − Relegated from 2013 Effodeildin
  • AB Argir II − Promoted from 2013 2. deild
  • B36 Tórshavn II
  • EB/Streymur II
  • FC Suðuroy
  • HB Tórshavn II
  • KÍ Klaksvík II
  • NSÍ Runavík II − Promoted from 2013 2. deild
  • TB Tvøroyri − Relegated from 2013 Effodeildin
  • Vikingur II
  • Performance by team

    In Bold the clubs currently playing in 1. deild.
    In Italics the clubs that no longer exist.


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